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Alessandro Tomaselli

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Labels: YeahJaSi Records

Alessandro Tomaselli is an Italian singer songwriter, author and musician. His music is inspired by different styles, both classic and contemporary, and keeps as a thread a poetic and evocative shape of the lyrics. His debut album “Dove andiamo noi niente a che fare”, roughly translated “Where we go has nothing to do with it”, released on August 2015 by YEAHJASI! Brindisi Pop Records, is indeed a demo tape of great raw capacity, recorded live with a guitar accompaniment in a single session in Berlin, city where he lives and works. Amerigo Verardi, historical figure of the Italian underground as well as one of the founder of the independent label YEAHJASÌ Records, says about him:
In my opinion Alessandro Tomaselli possesses something of pure magic and, although to explain a magic is not one of a simple thing, there appear at least a couple of factors that are decisive in rendering his songs unique and soulful: a deep and real voice and lyrics that have the power of creating equilibriums of miraculous beauty, blending abstract and street poetry. Words that reveal a great soul, the voice that modulates unexpected movements on hypnotizing melodies and plays of subtle phrases, lived realties, citations and visionary images, at times apocalyptic, elaborated in sequences that remind the dreamlike ones. And precisely these amazing qualities with others no less important human ones, have prompted us to try to invent something in order to share Alessandro’s extraordinary talent with an impassioned audience for beautiful things. These are the ingredients that have brought to the birth of Alessandro Tomaselli’s album and of the YeahJaSI Brindisi Pop Records.