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Floricanto is a trio formed by Barbara Raimondi (Vocals), Roberto Taufic (acoustic guitar), Enzo Zirilli, (percussions) proposes a choice of latino-american classical songs, taken from 40s and 50s traditional repertoire: a charming trip touching Argentina, Cuba, Costa Rica, Mexico and, with a little linguistic detour, Brazil of course. The entire repertorie is interpretated with a jazz attitude, for a free improvising feeling but also with the deep passion that characterizes latin musicians. The result is a kind of Fina Estampa (the amazing tribute that Caetano Veloso made to South American music) but in so-to-say feminine terms.

Barbara Raimondi

Barbara Raimondi started her professional career when she was very young, working in live and recording sessions as vocalist for dance music, and jazz and pop productions. At the age of 24 she had her first touch with jazz music, attending the Civic Center in Turin, studying with Francesca Oliveri, a well known Italian singer of gospel and Jazz and then with lyrical teachers provideng her with a deeper knowledge of vocal technique. Later on she participated to several jazz seminars, where she met international teachers like Man Waldron and Rachel Gould (Royal Jazz Conservatory, L’Aja, Holland). Meanwhile she remained in the pop music area working with well-known Italian artists as Roberto Vecchioni and others. She worked with artist as: Enrico Pieranunzi, Furio Di Castri, Saxea Saxophone Quartet, Andrea Pozza, Luigi Bonafede, Dado Moroni, Emanuele Cisi, Giampaolo Casati, Paolo Porta, Garrison Fewell, Giorgio LiCalzi, Luciano Milanese, Roberto Rossi, Andrea Beneventano, Peggy Stern, Rob Sudduth, Giorgio Serci, Antonio Forcione, Sandro Gibellini, Enrico Pinna, Claudio Chiara, Enzo Zirilli, Alessandro Maiorino, Riccardo Fioravanti, Roberto Tauffic, Patti Wicks, Jonathan Gee. In 2000 she recorded her first album as a soloist, called VITA DA ALTORPARLANTE (PHILOLOGY cat. N. 106.2 W), including Jazz standards and some of her own compositions, making use of the Italian language on a jazz musical form and through this album she could perform at the prestigious “Rocella Ionca Jazz Festival”, taking part to an original project written and directed by Enrico Pieranunzi , a pillar in the internationa jazz scene. In 2002 she started to attend a classical contemporary repertoire, working with the vocal ensemble “il Sogno di Prolifo” presenting in several concerts from Georgy Ligeti’s “Lux Aeterna” and other compositions of Italian classic contemporary authors like Enrico Correggia. In summer 2004 she has been one of the leading characters in the contemporary multimedia opera “Hoffmaniana”, written by the Austrian composer Thomas Deszy and performed during the Bregenzer Festspiele in Bregenz and Vienna. In 2005 she relases her second album called TROPPO RUMORE, where she continued to develop and enhance her talent in composing; the recording is mostly composed by her and played by the musicians of her quartet, with guitar player Sandro Gibellini as special guest in several takes. In 2008 she releases her third album, ACCOPPIAMENTI GIUDIZIOSI, recorded with many international contributions: the Brazilian guitarist Marco Periera, Enrico Pieranunzi, Furio Di Castri and the English string quartet Basquiat Strings. It’s a kind of a concept album in which Barbara’s main passions, literature and music are blended together. In 2010 is CONTIGO EN LA DISTANCIA, with her “everlasting” partners Roberto Tauffic on guitar and Enrico Pieranunzi on percussions, a tribute to tradition latin American music: the cd has been highly acclaimed from critics and public. In 2013 Barbara releases her new cd, SINGING ORNETTE!!!, a tribute to Mr. Ornette Coleman’s music, recorded with Mauro Negri (alto sax and clarinet); Furio Di Castri (bass) and Enzo Zirilli (drums). This musical project takes part of the Revoice!Festival in London, with special participation of the alto saxophonist Tony Kofi, who recorded two cd’s with Mr. Coleman in person. On May 12, 2015 Barbara released FLORICANTO, the second chapter from Contigo en la Distancia. A soulful trip through the wide latin – american musical world. Barbara’s live activity is combined to teaching work at the Trento’s Conservatory and at the Scuola Civica di Musica of Turin and leads singing and vocal techniques workshops. Her mezzo-soprano voice and it’s versatility allow her to approach different music styles and languages , from Brazilian Bossa Nova and classical Spanish songs from south American tradition, to classical jazz standarts. As well as in her own compositions and her repertoire always carries her peculiar jazz imprint.

Roberto Taufic

Born in Honduras (Central America) in 1966, he moved to Brazil when he was 5 years old. After 5 years he started his musical studies. At 15 he partecipate with classical guitar and cavaquinho at several festivals with various bands of brazilian popular music and choro. At 17 started his career as session man working at several production in some of the best recording studios of his area (Rio Grande do Norte – Brasil). At 19 with his band “Cantocalismo” recorded his first CD with his songs. With the same band will be playing as support band for Geraldo Azevedo, Boca Livre, Joyce, and Luiz Melodia. During this time he was playing with famous artists such as Dulce Quental and Wilson Simonal. Later on will also be playing in Rio de Janeiro with Diana Pequeno in the “Projeto Pixinguinha”. Roberto moved to Rome, Italy in 1990 where he will be study continue to music further and start new collaborations with several artists. Tour of Brasil in 1994 with singer Elza Soares together with saxist Giancarlo Maurino. Partecipate as arranger at Nonato Buza’s recording session together with drummer Robertinho Silva. 1995 will see Roberto going back to Italy and settle down in Piemonte where together with singer Simon Papa, Giancarlo Maurino and brazilian percussionist Gilson Silveira will start the band “Latin Touch”. With this band they recorded an album in 1996 “ De cabo a rabo”, with special guest brasilian cellist Jaques Morelembaum. During the following years Roberto will be collaborating on stage and in studio with any kind of artists such as : Barbara Casini, Guinga, Gabriele Mirabassi, Maria Pia de Vito, Rita Marcotulli, Fabrizio Bosso, Rosario Bonaccorso, Gianmaria Testa, Eduardo Taufic, Ana Flora, Karl Potter, Marco Tamburini, Silvia Donati, Michele Rabbia, Giovanna Gattuso, Giancarlo Bianchetti, Salvatore Maiore, John Arnold, Bob Mover, Pietro Condorelli, Renato D’aiello, Flavio Boltro, Salvatore Maiore, Stefania Tallini, Alfredo Paixão, Pèo Alfonsi, Miroslav Vitous, Rino Vernizzi, Gianni Coscia, Patrizia Laquidara, Meg, Rosa Emilia and others. Recently he is performing and collaborating with Guinga. In 2003 his first album “Real Picture” came out. The first with strong Jazz influences. This record will feature many artist from the Italian Jazz scene, such as : Enzo Zirilli, Antonio Zambrini, Paolo Porta, Alessandro Maiorino. Other two important recordings will be released in 2005 “Um abraco” in duo with sax player Giancarlo Maurino and 2006 “Jogo de cordas” in duo with guitarist Luigi tessarollo. In the latest years Roberto has been performing with Brazilian singer Rosalia de Souza, in Italy and other country like URSS, POLAND, JAPAN, SPAIN, SWITZERLAND and UCRAIN. In october 2009 Roberto was invited at GuitarMasters in Reichenberg in Germany, sharing the stage with great masters of guitar, such as Larry Coryell, Ralph Towner and Fareed Haque. In 2009 in Brazil was published the live DVD “`Dois Irmãos” in duo with his brother pianist Eduardo Taufic. With this duo Roberto will be playing in Brazil at several festivals and events of Instrumental music. In 2010 Roberto published “ELES & EU” his first solo guitar CD. In 2011 published “Bate Rebate” with his brother Eduardo Taufic produced by André Mehmari. As a Teacher, Roberto has given many workshop of Jazz and Brazilian guitar in Brazil and Italy. The most notable workshops were given at: Cuneo Conservatoire, UFRN Brazil for the Music week, Pomigliano Jazz school, and Cosenza Jazz festival

Enzo Zirilli

Enzo Zirilli is considered one of the most versatile and creative Italian drummers of the last generation, having worked all around the world with great jazz.
Born in Turin 1965 he started playing drums when he was 8 years old and studied piano at G. Verdi Conservatory in Turin. He got in touch with jazz music, meeting the great tenor saxophonist Larry Nocella and many other important musicians such as Franco Cerri, Benny Bailey, Hal Stein, Gianni Basso, Flavio Boltro, Antonio Faraò. He toured with Gloria Gaynor in 1991 and lately, since 1996, he worked with the Italian pop-jazz singer Rossana Casale. At the same time he has played many important festivals, theaters and jazz clubs in Italy, Europe and around the world with great musicians like Steve Grossman, James Moody, Robert Bonisolo, Luigi Bonafede, George Garzone, Randy Brecker, Dado Moroni, Enrico Pieranunzi, Ares Tavolazzi. Franck Avitabile, Stefano Di Battista, Gary Bartz, Ira Coleman, Larry Schneider, Flavio Boltro, Salvatore Bonafede and more. In 2001 he formed Scenario, a trio with Hammond player Alberto Marsico and saxophonist Simone Santini, playing and arranging the music of the Beatles for the German label Organic Music. At the present time he collaborates with Enrico Pieranunzi in his quintet, quartet and trio, with the Dado Moroni trio and quartet with acoustic guitar players Antonio Forcione and Marco Pereira and in the project Contigo en la Distancia – Floricanto with Barbara Raimondi and Roberto Taufic.